Members’ Cars


This is a work in progress.  Members, email me at  for updating your information and submitting pictures.  The larger the picture the better.  IT WOULD BE GREAT IF EVERY MEMBER HAS PICTURES OF THEIR CARS ON OUR CLUB ROSTER PAGE.  Try this link for a complete explanation on the best way to take pictures of your car:

 Last Revised:   July 11, 2017

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Bill Baker

69 GTO



Mark Batson

65 Pontiac 2+2       1968 Pontiac Firebird                         Smokin’                           Pontiac Heaven



Mick & Karen Batson
67 GTO drag car      67 GTO 4-speed       Mick and Karen         Mick’s Website



Darren Brandow
            Darren's65-3           Brandows'           Darren's65-2      659
65 Pontiac Gasser



Dil and Heather Brandow
          Dil's66            Dil's64-2            Brandows'-2
Cool Plaque                     66 GTO Drag Car                 64 Pontiac Gasser



Terry Brown
67 GTO



John Chencharick
  Chencherickvette  Chencherick's Olds  645  Chencherick
Waiting for TA photo  John’s Vette           John’s Olds                             John’s Ford



Rodney Clay     
(waiting for photos)

68 Firebird          71 Nova



Ken Crocie           of H.O. Racing
(waiting for photos)

64 GTO          64 GTO          65 LeMans          70 Riviera



Rick Croft
64 El Gato Grande (Catalina)



Jimmy De La Torre

20140920_135705s          Delatorre2          624
72  GTO                         67 GTO Conv.



Roy and Mary Ann Dorado
Dorado        652
67 Lemans



Gary and Vickie Doubleday

DoubledayGTO       Doubleday's 57        647
64 GTO                               57 Pontiac Chieftain



Ted Fife
(waiting for photos)
69 Firebird drag car, 65 GTO, 70 GTO, 73 Ventura



Barb Finn



Jim and Dana Fisher
’67 GTO Conv.                One of many road trips      Dana and Jim



Adam Griswold      



Tom and Linda Griswold
65 GTO Conv.                 65 GTO HT



Rick and Marti Haney
68 GTO



Jerry Harding

65 GTO



John Hill
Hill1          Hill2

67 GTO                                   RX7



Les and Sharren Iden
66 GTO                                72 TA                             



Jack Johnson
Johnson9      Johnson3      Johnson5
1955 Safari                                                                              1957 Safari



James and Melinda King
2006 GTO                         68 GTO



Mike Latta

70 GTO



Tom Locke
71 GTO                                2004 GTO                                71 Le Mans



Vincent and Marcia Mayeda

63 Tempest

Vince’s Firebird – Third Fastest Pontiac in the World!



Doug McNulty


Jim Miholick
Miholick Firebird                       
68 Firebird Conv.       64 Tempest Wagon       The TA



Darin and Loretta Oliver

66 GTO
Waiting for photo



Danny and Sylvia Onopa
onopa_gto onopa_gto-firebird
66 GTO                  67 Firebird



James and Carrie Penny
67 GTO



Mark and Michelle Preston

67 GTO Clone



Rich Priebe

Waiting for photo



Terry Prince    
72 Luxury Lemans



Tim and Beth Rankin

66 GTO



Bruce Rhoads
67 GTO



Don Salzman
70 GTO



Katheryn Seymour
(waiting for photos)
98 Firebird



Norm and Shirley Shier
shier2          shier3          shier1
68 GTO



Eric and Coral Sieber
The Judge                    The Tempest



Glin and Vicky Stone
67 Lemans



Pamela Swantek

67 2+2 Conv.



Chuck Thompson
Chuck Thompson          Chuck Thompson2
62 Tempest



Eric Thompson
(waiting for photos)
69 GTO



Ed Vigil
70 GTO



Rick and Brenda Waltch
1966 GTO                     1972 Chevy Nova



Phil and Joyce Weber

64 LeMans Convertible



Stephanie Weber

67 Firebird



Drew Werts      

Waiting for photo of the ’66 GTO



Richard and Lori Wiles
67 GTO                               68 Firebird                         70 GTO



Rick Wood
65 GTO



Dan and Dede Wurl
Wurl2        Wurl3        644
72 Firebird



Christopher Zappia

68 Firebird